For the best in litigation support services, turn to Davidson Reporting, Inc. Whether you need to use our conference room or one of our skilled court reporters, we will facilitate your operation with abilities we have acquired over the years.

Davidson Reporting, Inc. offers a full array of top-level court reporting services.

Full-Service Court Reporting

  • Depositions, examinations under oath, arbitrations
  • Real-time reporting supported by real-time software
  • Daily and expedited delivery
  • Rough ASCIIs
  • Specialized from medical malpractice to complex, high-tech litigation

Legal Video Services

  • Digital videotaped depositions
  • Video/text synchronizations

Conference Rooms

  • No-charge conference room with complimentary beverage service
  • Telephone conferencing and video teleconferencing available
  • Conference room in all major metropolitan areas within Texas

Other Litigation Support Services

  • Electronic transcript delivery
  • Scanning of exhibits and documents
  • Subpoena services
  • Notary services
  • Licensed interpreters

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.